Education In The Commandments of The Law Would Bring True Peace Among The Nations, If They Were Not Human Nature Minded

There is no peace among the nations without proper education in the Commandments of the Law of God:(ALaHiYM).  Since the beginning, when humankind was created, humankind have gone their own way, for the most part, ignoring the commandments written in the Law, which will bring unity and peace between people and nations.  The people of the world have ignored this guide, which would bring peace;  and they have tried to fulfill their desires in non peaceful manners, acting contrary unto the commandments of YaHuWaH, thereby opposing the Law.  Consequently, there are many of assaults throughout the world every day of the week in the schools.  However, you only hear of these, when they reach the magnitude of the one at Columbine High.

The tragic events, which took place at Columbine High School, display the results of sin working in our children, who are being educated in the public and private schools of this nation.  Because of these tragedies, there have been no changes in the ideology or education of the school system, which would bring to an end the dangers of such contentious assaults among the children or by the teachers toward the children.

Notice the following news article, by Angie Cannon, Betsy Streisand, and DAN McGraw:

"In a whole lot of ways, so far this is the worst.  The death toll, the easily constructed bombs, the possible conspiracy, the lunatic rage fueled by a nihilistic teen culture, the sadism.  In addition, all the signs, which showed its coming, had been brewing for a good long time.  More than any of the five school massacres in the past 19 months, the killing of 12 students and a teacher at columbine high school last week was preceded by a series of grim indications, which show that something is wrong, terribly wrong."
Us news, cover story 5/3/99

When this incident occurred and was brought to the public eyes throughout the whole nation, then the leaders of this country hated the fact that this incident, of what took place at columbine high, became well known.  Because this incident reveals, unto many in our nation, just how bad the immoral acts of unrighteousness are in our system.  However, as you can see, there has been no change in the education of our youth;  nor have there been any change in the morality of the old.

The same ideology remains the same.  The children are only educated in gaining wealth, technology, and war.  There is no education in the Law of ALaHiYM, which came through Moses, who receive the Law on Mount Sinai from LORD:(YaHuWaH) God:(ALaHiYM);  the same Law, which was handed down unto the seed of Abraham by the house of Judah.

Under today's ideology:(political theory), almost every child is being taught to kill his neighbor.  This politically correct theory is taught to all, which receive an education, in both the public and the private school system.  It is taught through the entertainment beguilement, which takes place through the television and radio.  In addition, every nation is coming closer to the danger of total destruction, because of humankind's transgression of the Law of ALaHiYM.

Each world leader, when trying to gain acceptance, assures the voters that he will indeed get tough on crime, as if his opponent was not tough on crime.  He promises to build larger police forces and more prisons, although, none of these tactics have ever solved the crime problem.  In fact, crime continues to grow, and burdens the taxpayers of the world.  Moreover, it is a fact, that most of the religious institutions, in this nation, place a burden upon taxpayers.  Because these religious institutions go to the extreme to avoid the paying of any form of tax, by using the loop holes that are present within the tax code.  Truly, the Law of ALaHiYM is not being taught in the religious institutions of this nation.  The overseers of most religious institutions, in this nation, have their mind focused upon getting wealthy rich from those, whom they can deceive with falsehood.

There are other problems among the nations that are even worse.  The hatred, between nations and ethnic groups, is increasing, to the point, where nuclear war is becoming more inevitable.  This threat grows closer with each passing day, as more people place their final hopes, on the teachers of the united nations of the world.

What is being offered, by the teachers of the united nations of the world, is a So Called peace through force.  This peace through force is a war machine, which will not bring forth true peace.  This war machine is to be carried out among all nations on the earth, by an army of united nations.

There is opposition already forming against this plan.  Raging hatred is being voiced by many nations, to the extent that nuclear war will be seen as the best option in the last three and half years of the last seven years, known as The End Time Days.  A first strike will eventually be a common phrase among these same world powers, who will bring total destruction upon this earth, to the point that YaHuWaH ALaHiYM will put a stop to the destruction, before all of humankind is totally destroyed.

Before this kind of war destruction takes place upon this earth, which will bring severe destruction upon all nations of this earth, the true servants of the Two Cherubs will be reestablished upon Mount Zion, Jerusalem.  This reestablishment will occur in the first half of The End Time Days, known as the last seven year of The Last Days.

The Two Cherubs, who have always stood as ALaHiYM of the earth from the very beginning, will come back unto this earth, to establish servants of the Two Cherubs, in YaHuWaH's House of ALaHiYM of Jacob for about three and half years, before the beast goes forth in power, to destroy many during the last three and half years of the last seven year of humankind's rule upon this earth, before the Eternal Kingdom is established upon this earth.  This beast will be allowed to rear its ugly head out of the bottomless pit, as recorded in the book of Revelation.  During the last part of the last seven years of man's own rule, there will be severe destruction to come upon the earth, because of man's own lust to war against his neighbor.  At that time, there will be wars fought, with the use of biological and nuclear weapons, to a far greater degree, than has ever been used before, against any nation.  So severe that YaHuWaH will put a stop to it, before all of humankind are destroyed.

Notice the following excerpt from Nuclear Disarmament By The Under-Secretary-General For Disarmament Affairs:

"The threats, posed by modern weapons of war, particularly nuclear weapons, are so grave that they jeopardize literally all of our collective cultural, political and economic heritage, and our natural environment."

What makes disarmament so compelling as a strategy for peace and development, is that it would eliminate the gravest known threats, and eliminate them more reliably than any conceivable alternative....

Many non nuclear weapons are a threat to humanity, but none of them approach the potential threat to humanity as that which come from nuclear weapons.  In 1996, the international court of justice issued its famous advisory opinion, concerning the threat or use of such weapons.  Appended to this opinion was a declaration, by presiding judge Mohammad Bedjaoui, when he termed nuclear weapons, "the ultimate evil", because of their indiscriminate effects on humanity and its natural environment.

From the standpoint of the teachers of the united nations of the world, the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons dates back to 1946, when it appeared in the general assemblies first resolution.  However, nuclear weapons are still here over 50 years later.  The number of nations acquiring them is still growing and the threats posed by modern weapons of war, particularly nuclear weapons, are graver than ever.  It is plain to see, that nuclear disarmament is not on the immediate agenda of most nations, because of today's ideology.

Nuclear war is one of the greatest fears of all people of all nations.  In addition, nuclear war is what the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki fear most.  The nuclear industry is an 850 billion dollar a year business and is still growing.  It's easy to see, that, with today's education and ideology, there is no probability at all of nuclear wars not taking place.

However, at this time, these horrible wars, which will take place in the last three and half years of the last seven years of man's own rule, are being held back from taking place, until the restoration of the servants of the Two Cherubs, which will bring about the completion of the sealing of the saints of YaHuWaH, who will rule this earth with the Law of ALaHiYM, IN the Eternal Kingdom.

The nuclear arsenal is not the only thing growing among many nations now.  Hatred, between nations and individuals alike, is growing even faster.  In America, the number of assaults each year, even in small towns, is alarming.  The general public only hears of a very few of the school assaults, racial assaults, murders, rapes of males and females alike and the destruction of buildings used for religious purposes.

The following news statistics expose the evil in today's world.

Blumenthal Urges Parents To "Tune Out" TV Violence:

"Citing studies show that the average American child will view about 200,000 acts of violence on television, by the age of 18.  Today, attorney general Richard Blumenthal challenged Connecticut parents to participate in national "tune out the violence day", this coming Thursday"

"Warnings about violence seem irrelevant, when prevalent TV violence glorifies the wrong rules and role models.  Children, who watch violence on TV, are at risk of repeating it in real life, with heightened viciousness, as they grow up.  This virus has already contributed to an epidemic of juvenile violent crimes, as our young mimic the media," Blumenthal said.

"Even we, as parents, condone the violence that television glamorizes, giving children the dangerous misconception that violence is 'cool' and without consequences.  I do, personally with my four children, restrict them from watching television", Blumenthal said.  "Parents must seize this moment, and take charge of the remote control, to demand responsible programming from local television stations, national networks, and advertisers."

Very few religious and political leaders, from all over the world, agree unanimously that we must drastically change our ideology and our educational system.

The Prophets of YaHuWaH, who were inspired by YaHuWaH to teach the chosen people, Israel, the true way to peace, gave warning, that humankind would not repent by turning away from their wicked ways, even when humankind have brought severe destruction upon this earth.  In order for true peace to be established upon this earth, the whole world must be reeducated in the just, righteous, and Holy Law of ALaHiYM, which we must all agree to live by.

However, prophecy show, without a doubt, nuclear war will take place involving all nations of the earth.  The elements of wickedness of this earth, as we know it, will disappear from this planet, when the Eternal Kingdom is established upon this earth.

It is a 100% certainty, that many nations will be engulfed and destroyed, by the mounting curses of hatred and aggression, before YaHuWaH puts a stop to the destruction.

The Law of ALaHiYM has not been diligently taught, since the days of the Apostles.  Today, ALL religions put more stock in traditions, than in the Law of ALaHiYM.

Our government leaders make such statements as, "we need moral leaders", but they have made no effort, to allow, in our educational system, the teaching of the commandments, which are written in the Law.  The desire to live by the Law of ALaHiYM is not within the heart and mind of humankind.  The temporal unconverted mind, namely the human natured mind of man oppose the Law.  Therefore, earnestly desire for the true peace of Jerusalem, so that the Law of ALaHiYM may go forth from Zion, soon, and that we will know how to teach our children the Law of ALaHiYM, which is written in the Holy Scriptures.  At that time, many people will come out away from among the gentile nations, to go up to mount Zion Jerusalem, to learn righteousness, by Observing to Do ALL, of the Commandments of the Law, In the Presence of YaHuWaH ALaHiYM, before great tribulation comes upon this earth.

For more information in learning about proper education that is found in the Law of ALaHiYM, which will solve the problems facing the nations today, click on this link:  Education In The Commandments of the Law of LORD God Upon Mount Zion, Jerusalem, Will Bring Truth and Peace, In the End Time Days

Praise YaHuWaH!